breeding and experiences

Kennel Lamlux is solely focused on breeding of 100% Lamleh descent, based on, in my opinion, the best and most interesting dogs with a conscious and strong element of the dogs that Dr. Greig left in England at her death in 1972.

All dogs for breeding is pre-DNA tested and HD investigated. Crucially important is it, that only dogs with an excellent temperament will be included, as all the puppies must be beloved family dogs. Subsequently, it is up to the families to give the puppies the best conditions.

I will only breed very occasionally, approx one litter a year and only when I will have the right time and space. My aim is to give the puppies get the best conditions from the beginning.

Health, good temperament, dogs bred as close as possible to the standard, one for puppies calm and loving start in life are some of the key parameters that I try to work for.


TT bitch of the year 2009, 2011, 2013, DKK breed winner 2011, DK.CH, S.CH, CLB.CH, NORDJW-08, NORDW-08 Lamlux Emma Brightly, Født 29.05.2007 DKCH, SCH Lamlux Halleluja at Dawa's

TT bitch of the year 2009, 2011, 2013, DKK breed winner 2011, DK.CH, S.CH, CLB.CH, NORDJW-08, NORDW-08 Lamlux Emma BrightlyFødt 29.05.2007


DKCH, SCH Lamlux Halleluja at Dawa's

DKCH, LP1, LP2, DKKV13, KLBV13, RBM, DKKV14 Lamlux Dzonka All Inclusive (Marley)

1 UK CC Lamlux Noma Brey

my background with Tibetan Terrier

My background with breeding and showing Tibetan Terriers started back in 1990, as co/owner of Kennel Tibatz, founded 1973.
In the past years I have had many and good experiences, and have met many interesting and lovely people both in Denmark and abroad. Some of these relationships has since become my best friends.
Kennel Tibatz breeding was a mix of the two main lines in the breed; the original Lamleh line and the later alternative and in the 60s - 70s genetically very narrow bred Luneville line. Special first-time combinations of the two main lines gave very often bonus, and a certain "hybrid vigor" was probably the cause. Many exceptionally beautiful TT's have over the years grown out off this combination.

INTCH. NORDCH. DKCH. SCH. NCH. CLBCH & Year TT bitch x 5 Tibatz Ophelia is just one of them, an amazing dog. She was in every way charismatic and at the same time an exceptionally beautiful dog. The most winning Tibetan ever in Denmark.